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Nature Communications highlighted (2017. 06)


  Nature Communications 에 기재된 'Antibody targeting intracellular oncogenic Ras mutants exerts anti-tumor effects

  systemic administration.' 논문이 F1000Prime 에 Article Recommendations 로 highlight 되었습니다.

  While antibody administration has become entrenched as a viable therapeutic option, especially for oncologic

 applications, targets have been limited to extracellular components due to inability to traverse the plasma membrane.

 Shin et al. describe a novel methodology that targets monoclonal antibodies to a cytoplasmic compartment by the

 addition of a "homing peptide" that binds to a tumor-associated integrin allowing for internalization with eventual

 endosomal escape into the cytoplasm demonstrating activity against a Ras mutant, providing proof of principle for

 this concept. While these "internalizing" MAbs (iMAbs) currently suffer from poor endosomal escape and a short half-

 life in circulation, these deficiencies appear more as technical concerns, rather than fundamental impediments.

 The ability to selectively direct MAbs to cytoplasmic targets could herald a new technical approach to address a wide

 range of medical conditions.

 Recommended by Michael Kurilla and Randall Kincaid.


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